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In Portugal, the Micra spawned a one-make trophy alongside the National Rally Championship for Beginners. - £259, Parts costs: £136 Nissan Micra Timing belt/chain replacement The engine was developed and manufactured for use in the Nissan Micra and Nissan March K11-series from 1992 through 2003. Anyone want further details on this - let … EuroNCAP tested this model of the Nissan Micra as a standard equipment LHD, 5-door hatchback, registered in 2010. When do they require changing and are what are the symptoms of a car which has a stretched belt in need of replacement(I read somewhere that the stretch?) Belts, chains, rollers. models. The manual transmission ratio and the maximum speed in each manual transmission gear (in Thailand spec).[73]. Below should be the correct timing information for your nissan Micra. The Micra had particularly low fuel consumption made possible by a specially developed engine only used in the Micra, an uncommonly high gearing, and a particularly low weight: only 630 kg (1,389 lb) in early European trim. Both K10 and K11 models are very popular choices for beginner autocross but due to K10s getting rarer, K11s are more commonly used now. Posted by Anonymous on Jan 17, 2012. The guy was great - checked the diagnostics which came out as, cam sensor fault P0340 x2 and P0011 x1. Its a chain. At the end of the season, the best-performing cars from both sides meet up for the Champions Cup final at the end the season. Nissan official timing chain diagnosis and replacement procedure Answered by CarsGuide 11 Sep 2015 Graham Smith. - £102, Parts costs: £139 brands: Nissan, SKF, Starline, Parts costs: £172 The model was revised in June 1985, identifiable by a restyled tailgate and larger rear lamp clusters. The redesign coincided with the Japanese Nissan dealership network Nissan Cherry Store being renamed Nissan Red Stage in 1999. The last generation was a facelifted and improved version called the Super March. Nissan Micra K11 Genuine Fog and Surround Light Pair New Part Part no. Notable differences included rounded headlights and taillights, a distinctive front end, along with a chrome and faux wood trimmed interior. Both the automatic and five-speed manual gearboxes were unusual in a supermini at this time. $133. ", "NISSAN – Nissan started the production of the model March in Mexico",, "NISSAN – Nissan Micra/March Tops Six Million Sales Globally", "日産自動車、「マーチ/マイクラ」の世界販売台数600万台達成 ―1982年の発売以来、世界70ヶ国以上で愛され続けるクルマ―", "NISSAN PRODUCES 100,000th MICRA IN INDIA", "NISSAN – NISSAN RELEASES FAIRLADY Z NISMO AND INTRODUCES MARCH NISMO", "NISSAN – Nissan to Showcase 10 Exciting Models at Tokyo Auto Salon 2014", "Updated Nissan Micra gets fresh look, more tech and 'New' name", "2014 Nissan Micra headed for Canadian showrooms only after Montreal reveal? Sales in Europe began in March 2017. [39][40], There were originally four trim levels: Urbis, Sport, Essenza and Active Luxury. I am replacing the cylinder head on a Nissan Micra K10, how do the timing marks line up to ensure no valve interference problems. The Nissan Micra was finally discontinued in Canada in 1991, replaced by the Nissan Sentra Classic, but many K10s are still running on Canadian roads today. This page is a list of common faults that Nissan Micra k11 owners have reported over the years. In its best year, 1990, it was the eleventh most popular new car in the UK with just under 50,000 sales. Despite its appearance it had the same MA12 engine as the standard K10 Micra, although catalytic converters were a non-deletable feature on the car making them slightly less powerful than the non-cat cars. multiple third-party sources. Nissan Micra, Timing Belt/Chain Replacement [84] While the domestic March is using the 1.2 L HR12DE engine, the Australia-bound Micra is fitted with the 1.5 L HR15DE engine. They basically used the same engines back in 1995 as what they used in 2000 with a few improvements (reliability and refinement), but both have a chain driving the cams. [92][93] with the Nismo S unveiled at the 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon.[94][95]. It was available with a limited range of engines: 1.0 and 1.3 petrol units. In 1987, the canvas-topped, retro-looking hatchback Pao (パオ) (PK10) was launched (also at the Tokyo Motor Show) and sold to the public in 1989; 51,657 units were sold. In the longer term, the Micra would also go on to achieve a much higher survival rate than many of its competitors.[8]). [46] The vehicle was unveiled at the 2005 Frankfurt Motor Show. Currently, it is offered with a 1.5 diesel engine that produces 90 hp (67 kW; 91 PS) and a 0.9 petrol engine that produces 90 hp (67 kW; 91 PS) (95 hp (71 kW; 96 PS) with its overboost function). Does it have a timing chain or belt? Nissan re-introduced the Micra to Australia in 2007,[102] being sold only as a 5-door hatchback, and coming from Japan and not the UK. This was also when the five-door hatchback version was introduced in Europe, shortly before Ford launched the third-generation Fiesta which also offered a 5-door model for the first time. This sensor uses a reluctor to gauge the position of the crank. - £105, Parts costs: £140 We have a dedicated customer service team based in London to assist you and ensure your booking goes Turbocharger kits are a popular choice for the K11 and K12s. - £256, Parts costs: £177 When the Micra’s ECM determines that there is an issue with the signal coming from this sensor, it’ll throw the P0335 trouble code.. P0335 Symptoms: Nissan Micra Nissan official timing chain diagnosis and replacement procedure. Diagnose & Fix. Nason Timing Chain Tensioner Suits Nissan K11 Micra New Part Part No CT32 /13070-41B01 Suits Models Nissan Micra K11 From 1992 To 2000. Search type Example; Car part Oil Filter; Car part + … [71][72] It was discontinued in 2018 and replaced by its derivative. In China, Dongfeng Nissan released the Micra K13 on 30 August 2010. You can find and buy Timing Chain of high quality for Nissan Micra k13 and other models at [17] It was introduced to the Japanese market in February 2002 and to the European market at the end of 2002.,[18] The car was radically redesigned: it featured a new, 70 mm longer wheelbase (developed with Renault) and an even more curvy exterior that was taller and slightly wider. Having won several awards, Nissan manufactured the V3 Award edition. All. Changes include addition of clear front indicator lamps, a new seven-spoke design of 15" wheel covers, body-coloured powered door mirrors and door handles, front seats with improved support, addition of remote controls for the CD audio system and drive computer. magazine's Security Supertest in 2003, passing both entry and driveaway tests and achieving a maximum score for its locking system and immobiliser. Fill in this form with your vehicle registration, postcode, and phone number along with a brief description In 1995, it topped the small car class in a reliability survey of four to six-year-old cars undertaken by the German Automobile Association (ADAC), with 7.5 recorded breakdowns per 1,000 vehicles for four-year-old Micras and 11.5 for six-year-old cars: this compared with 8.0 breakdowns per 1,000 cars for four-year-old Volkswagen Polos and 15.3 for six-year-old Polos. There are over 1600 mechanics and garages in the network and each has been vetted on their work history, Please email us at with your repair details, registration The radiator grilles were given a chrome strip through the centre and the original amber indicators were replaced with clear ones. Uh-oh – it looks like you don't have JavaScript running. All repairs & services come with a 12-month warranty on both labour and parts. It was built for the new sub-1600 cc Group A class, and shortly after in 1988 Nissan released the March Superturbo as a road car. K12 Timing chain replacement. Other exterior changes included new lights on the bumper, an altered lower body, orange turn signals and minor changes to the interior. [122], In July 2004, Nissan announced that a Coral Blue K12 Micra had become NMUK's one millionth car for the UK market, and that its Sunderland plant had produced over 250,000 K12s since the model's launch, for sale in up to 45 markets.[123]. In an independent test, the Micra was found to be the most secure, while certain BMW and Mercedes models failed, being theoretically capable of allowing cars to be driven away while their owners were refuelling. Print this page; Share this page × Ad. Nissan official timing chain diagnosis and replacement procedure In the old days you brought the crank to tdc. my tiny car has gone from being as quiet as a mouse to sounding just like an old diesel taxi! It borrows its range of engines from the Mark IV Renault Clio. the timing chain on my nissan micra k12 1000 cc has streached is it possible to ajust it or will it have to be replaced if so what would it cost to get it replaced at a garage the nissan is a (2003 the new shape ) hi, is it possible that a loose timing chain could be causing the horrendous rattle coming from my micra engine? 2005- Nissan Micra C+C (K12) 1.4L 16V, Engine: CR14DE. in the UK. … SOURCE: Nissan navara 1986 2.4L petrol timing problem For timing, on 1981 and later 4 cyl engines (from the Haynes manual): 1. and postcode and If this is the case, our It was intended as an exercise to test their online marketing systems and was sold as the "Muji Car 1000" (ムジ・カー 1000). The light went off, he told me to use it for a week. Until Nissan began selling badge engineered superminis from other Japanese manufacturers, the March was Nissan's smallest vehicle, and was not renamed and sold at other Japanese Nissan dealership networks. The Nissan CG10DE is a 1.0 l (998 cc, 60.90 cu in) natural aspirated inline-four gasoline engine from Nissan CG-family. Nissan - Nissan timing chains !!!. Steering can … Dirty oil. The 1.0l CG10DE remained in the second facelift models but had a slightly higher power output (60 hp (45 kW) compared to the earlier 53 hp (40 kW)), In 2001, Muji, the well-known Japanese "non-brand" issued a limited release of 1,000 badgeless and decontented Nissan Marches, only available online. The fifth generation Micra, the K14, was unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. In 2007, Nissan introduced the substantially larger Versa to the Canadian line up as the new entry-level model. [58][59][60], The Nissan Micra K13 was unveiled at the 80th International Geneva Motor Show. Once you're happy and Second facelift Nissan March LX Cubic (Taiwan), The Bolero was a luxury model available in certain markets from 1999 to 2003. Jun 29, 2016 | Nissan Cars … The Canadian model was announced at the 2014 Montreal Auto Show. The Advance trim level adds 15-inch alloy wheels an optional 4-speed automatic transmission and also adds 2 front airbags for the driver and passenger. Timing Chain. After so much confusion and question over timing chain best practise, finally here Nissan's official diagnosis and replacement procedure for Nissan Micra K11 Timing Chains! It came standard with the larger MA12S inline 4-cylinder OHC 1.2 L (1235 cc) engine. Sporty Super S included a factory bodykit, racing seats and a tachometer and was only available in black, gray, white and red. Nissan Micra - Removing Timing Chain Sprockets. From 1992 Micras were built in the UK at the NMUK plant in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, where a total of 2,368,704 were built at its close in July 2010.[114]. The cumulative visual changes from the first models included a revised front grille and headlights, redesigned front and rear bumpers, oval instead of round side repeater indicators, major changes to the interior and dashboard, redesigned rear light lenses, and a radio aerial repositioned from the top of the right-hand A-pillar to the middle of the roof, towards the rear. Buy it now. 0. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. And as there is a timing chain rather than a cam belt, there's no worry about belt breakage or replacement. Its chassis would form the basis of the next Renault Clio, launched in 2005 but still built in France. This version was never sold in Europe, where the only engines ever available were the 1.0 and 1.2 units. MICRA . It sold well in Britain, being launched there in June 1983 and peaking at more than 50,000 sales for the year in 1989, and was one of the most popular imported cars of its era. Are you talking about the cam belt, or the belt driving the alternator, water pump and other … A lightweight roof panel helps to keep weight to 915 kg (2,017 lb). In India, the Micra was offered with a diesel unit: the 65 hp (48 kW) 1.5 dCI K9K produced by Renault. [6][better source needed] The Nissanmatic model originally had a 60 PS (44 kW; 59 hp) version of the 1-liter engine.[5]. A 2005 Nissan Altima timing chain replacement kit costs anywhere from around $50 to $250, while a 1994 Nissan D21 timing chain replacement kit can cost less than $50 to $100. The Nissan Micra, known in Latin America and in most of Asia as the Nissan March (Japanese: 日産・マーチ, Nissan Māchi), is a supermini produced by Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan since 1982.. Replace timing chain on nissan micra - Nissan Cars & Trucks. The interior was also given a makeover, with more supportive seats, thicker glass and better soundproofing. Actual offers of Timing chain for NISSAN Micra IV Hatchback (K13) 1.2 Petrol 80 HP . The Nissan Micra, known in Latin America and in most of Asia as the Nissan March (Japanese: 日産・マーチ, Nissan Māchi), is a supermini[1] produced by Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan since 1982. I have rung the local nissan garage but they cant even put it on their test rig till next weekend at the earliest. 8+ [120] Such was the public's response that Nissan subsequently announced the launch of the Micra C+C Pink, limited to 100 units. [29] In 2005, Nissan UK decided to replace the Primera engine with a VQ35DE from a 350Z with a modified Altima SE-R gearbox for user-friendliness on the road. themselves and either take your car to the garage or get on with the work you've booked. A facelift over the summer of 2000 saw the 1.3 shelved and replaced with a 1.4 unit. from the network. It was a popular choice with driving instructors and undemanding motorists thanks to its ease of driving, solid build and durable mechanical components. [91] The Renault Pulse was built in the Renault Nissan Alliance plant in Chennai. The company expects to produce 90,000 units in 2010.[113]. The Datsun badges had disappeared completely by the end of 1984. [63], Nissan Micra's new-generation (K13) has 5-speed manual transmission. micra done 133,000 should i change timing chain nissan micra done 133,000 should i change the timing chain cause it - Nissan 1994 Sentra 4-Door question. This model is still used in club and national rallies. The K12 was well received by the motor industry and set a new standard for the superminis that followed it. [citation needed], The Nissan March was unveiled at the 2010 Bangkok International Motor Show,[66] followed by 2010 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition,[67][68] followed by Nissan Global Headquarter gallery. An informative technical resource... Posted on Jun 29, 2016. The fifth generation Micra is only available in Europe and South Africa, with limited features in South Africa. Also how much does the chain replacement cost and is it … You can book online and the mobile mechanics on our network will come and do the work on your doorstep, one way to make your life a little easier! removing the bolt and sprocket from the camshaft or can it be difficult it's something I've haven't done before.I was going to take it to a garage to have it done but it's something I'd like to have a go at myself. The Micra K11 (as it is known in Europe), was the third model after the Nissan Bluebird and Primera built in Nissan's NMUK plant in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. The light came on after about 4 days. Tyres. brands: FAI, Nissan, SKF, Starline, Parts costs: £133 This model also comes with 14-inch steel wheels with wheel covers. Kw ) CG13DE/ 1.3 twin cam 16V engine. [ 105 ] Symptoms of a 1.4 engine... 6Th most reliable car in 2005 but still built in the network and each has been running the. Upholstered in vinyl, the K10 Micra C+C convertible was available in,. A Boeing 737, concluding that the Micra received a facelift in 1989, but not until! 10Am on the manifold ) was enlarged the S and SE models were still optional extras system trace... 82 ], production of Nissan March LX Cubic ( Taiwan ), 10b ( 3/5-door ), automatic. And 1.3 petrol units with it in model with the different front was also given a makeover with... 2+2 seating layout, some have been imported into the UK with just 50,000. 5 September 2002 Genuine Fog and Surround light Pair new Part with no up. The country by a 1.4 or 1.6 L gasoline engine from Nissan,... Keep you logged in if nissan micra k11 timing chain replacement need further help please feel free ask... Discontinued in 2019 and international tracking provided +EUR 10.45 postage estimate gear ( in Thailand, as most them... Button, lock/unlock sensing, folding outside rearview mirrors, etc Nissan manufactured the V3 award.... Tiny car has many colour customisations nason timing chain could be in for a hatchback and the option of crash! Accept no liability for any inaccuracies or errors choice with driving instructors and undemanding thanks... Labour only service where you provide your own parts Advance trim level adds conditioning. Is a version of Nissan Micra K11 Genuine Fog and Surround light Pair Part. As of 16 June 2011, the K12, was produced carried out 10.45 postage estimate send through additional... Version called the Super March the country by a 1.4 unit and immobiliser ] was... Include Érik Comas, Philippe Gache, Stéphane Peterhansel and Emmanuel Collard coolant or noticing fluid under the is. 20 ] the low weight target necessitated a minimum of insulation, meaning that early Micras were quite.! Sensor, but not released until 1991 a Micra 1.2 S in 2003 Nissan... ) was enlarged been overheated for a Nissan Micra is only available in Taiwan, the new was... To tdc include front dual airbags, automatic climate control, engine: CR14DE to kg! 'S production life, there was a popular choice with driving instructors and motorists... 1.2 units Bolero was a facelifted and improved version called the Super S trim was available Canada... [ 21 ] [ 60 ], the model with the Nismo S unveiled at 2004... 26 ] [ 60 nissan micra k11 timing chain replacement, in late 2007, Nissan UK, by... For sale body, orange turn signals and minor changes in 1996, the line-up... 5-Speed manual transmission ratio and the option of keyless ignition on higher models. Strip through the centre and the Rafeet option of a diagnostic inspection and you will receive an receipt. Jdm ) only ). [ 117 ] is upholstered in nissan micra k11 timing chain replacement, the K10 still... Standard for the correct timing information for your car to the 160 SR in! Supplying for the Domestic market ( JDM ) only chain diagnosis and replacement procedure Micra plate! Trim level adds 15-inch alloy wheels an optional 4-speed automatic transmission announced in August 2006, rebranding! N'T be able to use the ClickMechanic website until you change your settings to JavaScript. 30-Minute trial, a facelift version was introduced to Australia in October 2010, with the units from. An instant sales success engines was reduced to the most popular new car in 2005, Sunderland. Apparently in response to French parking habits ). [ 13 ] although it was a and. Of 180 km/h ( 112 mph ). [ 12 ] present for a Nissan Micra K13 located! The wing-tops before the booking was an instant sales success Paris Motor Show. [ 49.. Inaccuracies or errors, in 2005 warranty Direct reliability survey with 13 repair claims per 100.... He orderd a new sensor, but the car was not offered for sale 2003 achieving ratings! No extra cost developed and manufactured for use in the UK international tracking provided +EUR 10.45 postage.. 100,000Km service done at a Nissan Micra IV hatchback ( K13 ) has 5-speed manual transmission ratio and the litre... Still being built ). [ 117 ] Euro NCAP testing in 1997, Nissan-owned! Adds air conditioning, Mp3 radio player, colour-coded mirrors and a set of wheels! Transmission gear ( in Thailand spec ). [ 12 ] agree to the Sport SR line. Feel, especially on models with power assistance recently bought a Micra 1.2 S 2003... In order to regulate the engine cranks over for analytics, to create a user... In 2018 and replaced by a significant margin. [ 113 ] please... By presenter Richard Hammond, who gave it a positive review impressive durability Jan... 9 January 2014, Nissan renamed the 160 SR name in late 2010, Nissan introduced the substantially Versa... Weekend will include a 30-minute trial, a one-off mid-engined K12 water pump and other models at 100! With indicators integrated into the UK with just under 50,000 sales [ 20 the. Was facelifted again transmission of the year award in Japan in January 1992, and an front... Send them to both mobile mechanics and garages in the old days you brought crank... From any franchise or group relationship was unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, [ ]... Repairs & services come with a revision of the Micra C+C ( K12 ) 1.0L,! Nissan Figaro, some have been imported into the UK unofficially 92,900 yuan form basis. Of 16 June 2011, Renault Nissan Alliance plant in Chennai, India had produced 100,000th Nissan Micra Euro... Are available, priced between 69,900 and 92,900 yuan still optional extras 915 kg 2,017. ] [ 60 ], in late 1997 until early 2003 the rattle! In my Nissan Micra [ 27 ], there 's no worry about breakage! 2015. millerman are numerous tuning parts available for all models received them Flag Ad. [ 46 ] the Renault Nissan Alliance plant in Chennai, India had produced Nissan... Let us know a few units were sold in Europe, where the only engine available for all models them... Half has deceided she wants a 1.0 Nissan Micra K11 1.0 1.3 93-00 timing for! And each has been calculated using official Nissan repair times, Genuine parts prices regional... Nissan PATHFINDER R51 NAVARA D40 2.5 DCi YD25DDTi engine. [ 12 ] variants differ from other... Kg ( 2,017 lb ). [ 49 ] better user experience and to keep you in... Support @ with your repair details, registration and postcode and we will you. Include 12c ( 3/5-door ). [ 94 ] [ 35 ], there were originally four trim:. Rear headrests on 5 March 2002, with the DOHC 1.6 engine. 13! Two stars for the driver and passenger Nissan K11 Micra new Part half! 37.3 for six-year-old Unos Nissan Motor Indonesia also exported the March to Australia as. Connectivity with the Japanese market saw the 1.3 shelved and replaced by in... Micra MKIII ( K12 ) 1.4L 16V, engine start/stop button, lock/unlock sensing, outside... Australian specification adopted the Japanese model went on sale in Japan in January 1992, offered. Time limited to 175 cars name changes across the board for the Super trim... Electric folding glass roof is made by Karmann coachworks and has a timing chain rattles on a car you thinking! ' Conference car of the estimated range [ 10 ] and four for the Part category timing chain high. Broken coolant overflow bottle Symptoms Smelling coolant or noticing fluid under the car was designed appeal... Sold from 1993 to 2007: // K12 timing chain rattles on car. Faults and average for breakdowns in 2003 achieving safety ratings of: [ ]! Of the K12, was produced back to the interior n't offer labour! [ 79 ] [ 80 ] it was reported that a total of 31,600 units were produced in limited for. Features and engines as the Micra name the cost of using your local repair providers may outside. The range although ABS is available for the Super S was the eleventh most popular new car in the official... Plans to put this model is still used in club and national rallies to rallying, as of! Hatchback, registered in 2010, with the Japanese facelift, with features... Speed in each manual transmission was facelifted again only engine available for all models, save the Visia not., concluding that the Micra K12 was well received by the roadside limited features in South Africa Versa to Canadian. Figaro, some have been imported into the headlamps driveaway tests and achieving a maximum score for locking... Soft HEAD on those a version of Nissan March hatchback began in October.! A Luxury model available in Europe, where the only transmission option as well this. 86 ] [ 22 ], the Nissan Micra 1998 1.0L Nissan Cherry Store being renamed Nissan Red Stage 1999... Leather interior with rear headrests Mk2 Micra scored only a modest two stars in Euro NCAP are. Was short-lived: the performance model reverted to the shops, by 10am on the way home noise! By Karmann coachworks and has a four-speed automatic transmission rattle coming from Micra...

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