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No matter what the breed or breed type, all dogs have strong jaws, sharp pointy teeth, and may bite in stressful circumstances. That said, it's never appropriate to leave dogs and young children alone together. Without enough exercise, these breeds may put on weight and vent their pent-up energy in ways you don't like, such as barking, chewing, and digging. You should also pick up this dog fetch toy to help burn off your pup’s high energy! Low-energy dogs are the canine equivalent of a couch potato, content to doze the day away. They're also resilient enough to bounce back from your mistakes or inconsistencies. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Finally, he's not for the faint of heart. Being gentle with children, sturdy enough to handle the heavy-handed pets and hugs they can dish out, and having a blasé attitude toward running, screaming children are all traits that make a kid-friendly dog. Young children and dogs of any breed should always be supervised by an adult and never left alone together, period. Black and Tan Coonhound Stud dogs . Black and Tan Coonhounds are generally healthy, although there is some risk of hip dysplasia, ear cancer and other ear infections, and eye problems. Height 'ideally' 25-27 inches for males & 23-25inches for females but many are a good few inches taller. So are breeds with short noses, like Bulldogs or Pugs, since they can't pant as well to cool themselves off. **All dogs are individuals. This is a dog who enjoys putting his own spin on obedience commands. The Black and Tan Coonhounds have a loyal, passionate and pleasant personality. The breed is a result of crossbreeding between the Talbot Hound, the Foxhound, the Bloodhound and the Virginia Foxhound. Expected longevity is 10–12 years. attitude, in which case you'll need to use rewards and games to teach them to want to comply with your requests. Obedience training and interactive dog toys are good ways to give a dog a brain workout, as are dog sports and careers, such as agility and search and rescue. Both parents should have health clearances, documentation that a dog has been tested for and cleared of a particular condition. Black and Tan Coonhounds drool when it's hot, slobber after drinking water, and shed heavily. Because he's bred to work somewhat independently, the black and tan may seem a bit headstrong. Training may be more challenging with this breed than with others. Beautiful male coonhound good with children and other animals. If they don't get the mental stimulation they need, they'll make their own work--usually with projects you won't like, such as digging and chewing. Litter size is generally eight puppies. Also, be sure to check the Black and Tan Coonhound Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. No, you're not getting the Mormon Tabernacle Choir here but the deep bay of a hound who's treed a squirrel, cat, or other furry animal foolish enough to enter your yard. They should always be supervised to prevent any ear biting or tail pulling on the part of either party. Adding Glyde Mobility Chews to your senior's routine can help fight the symptoms of arthritis and keep your old dog active and playful. If you're adopting a puppy, it's a good idea to find out which genetic illnesses are common to the breed you're interested in. This is something you'll either love or hate. Once it trapped its prey, the Black and Tan Coonhound would bay at the base of the tree, which would alert the hunter to its location. One of America's canine aristocrats, the Black and Tan Coonhound's bloodlines hark back to the Talbot hound of a thousand years ago, yet he's completely a creation of the mountain people of the Ozarks and the Smokies. This doesn't mean that every dog of that breed will develop those diseases; it just means that they're at an increased risk. The eyes are hazel to brown, the ears are long, wide, and thin, are set low and far back on the dog's head, and hang well down the neck. Take a look and find the right sized dog for you! Do you have young kids, throw lots of dinner parties, play in a garage band, or lead a hectic life? Following are some conditions that can affect Black and Tan Coonhounds: Note: Responsible breeders use only physically sound, mature (at least two years or older) dogs, and test their breeding stock for genetic diseases pertinent to the breed. Plenty of small dogs are too high-energy and yappy for life in a high-rise. Black and Tan Coonhound Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts - Dogtime. Nails should be trimmed regularly to keep them short. As befitting a dog with its heritage, it is strong, independent, and stubborn. Then you may wish to choose a quieter dog. You should be able to feel but not see his ribs without having to press hard. You should be able to see a waist. It can wander if it catches a scent, so a safe area is mandatory.[3][4]. Hounds will flat-out ignore you if you try to boss them around. Its coat needs only occasional brushing. Recommended daily amount: 3 to 5 cups of a high-quality dog food daily, divided into two meals. Among hunters, he's famous for his cold nose; that is, the ability to pick up and follow an old trail, no matter how faint. Handle his paws frequently — dogs are touchy about their feet — and look inside his mouth and ears. You can confirm health clearances by checking the OFA web site. As with all breeds, the Black and Tan Coonhound can be prone to certain health conditions. Short, neatly trimmed nails keep the dog's feet in good condition and keep your legs from getting scratched when your Coonhound enthusiastically jumps up to greet you. If your dog has tummy troubles, adding Bernie's Perfect Poop digestion support treats to their diet can help your dog feel better and improve their overall health! Some dogs shed year-round, some "blow" seasonally, some do both, and some shed hardly at all. This working scenthound was bred to work closely with other hounds, so he knows how to go along and get along with canine pals. Here are some great treats that can actually improve your dog's digestion to get you started! Make grooming a positive experience filled with praise and rewards, and you'll lay the groundwork for easy veterinary exams and other handling when he's an adult. Crate training ensures not only the safety of your puppy but that of your belongings. [2] The height proportions quoted by the UKC differ from the FCI and allow males to be 23–27 inches (58–69 cm) and females 21–26 inches (53–66 cm). The quality of dog food you buy also makes a difference — the better the dog food, the further it will go toward nourishing your dog and the less of it you'll need to shake into your dog's bowl. Talented hunters, this … Because of their prey drive, these dogs should always be securely walked on a strong leash, and a tall, sturdy fence is a must-have for any Black and Tan Coonhound owner. This dog is big enough to look intimidating, but unlikely to bite or otherwise harm anyone. Originating in America, the Black and Tan Coonhound finds its vocation in hunting raccoons, since it detects and pursues their trace like nobody else. american black & tan coonhound rescue. [8] The other breeds, which were not recognized until the 2010s, are the Redbone Coonhound, Plott Hound, Bluetick Coonhound, the American English Coonhound, and the Treeing Walker Coonhound. Check and clean his long, graceful ears weekly to prevent infections. The Black and Tan Coonhound is a strong, large, majestic breed with noticeably long pendulous ears. While they're mainly sweet and easygoing, Black and Tan Coonhounds have the independent and stubborn nature common to hounds. This compulsion to follow his nose means you won't ever want to have him off leash unless you're in an enclosed area. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. For this reason, it's often recommended that dogs not be bred until they are two or three years old. Breeds that need a lot of exercise are good for outdoorsy, active people, or those interested in training their dog to compete in a high-energy dog sport, such as agility. However, the primary purpose of the Black and Tan Coonhound is as a raccoon hunting dog. Be sensible and don't leave them unsupervised with other pets until you're sure they all get along. Being pack dogs, Black and Tan Coonhounds are always happy to have the company of other dogs. Black and Tan Coonhounds bred by Debbie J Carey. See Dogs Not Well Suited to Apartment Living, See Dogs Who Are Good For Experienced Owners, Click here to see Dogs Poorly Suited For Cold Weather, See Dogs Who Are Less Friendly To Strangers, Click Here To See Dogs Who Shed Very Little. Be sure you love it, because it can't be washed away for more than a day or two. Ask your vet about your dog's diet and what they recommend for feeding your pooch to keep them at a healthy weight. Dogs with thick, double coats are more vulnerable to overheating. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. Adding Glyde Mobility Chews to their routine can help their joints stay healthy. Put the garbage up high, and don't leave pies, bread, roasts, or any other goodies cooling on the counter, or they'll be gone when you turn your head. The courage of the Coonhound also makes it proficient on the hunt for deer, bear, wolf, cougar and other big game although many US states have restricted the hunting of antlered animals with dogs. Some dogs will let a stern reprimand roll off their backs, while others take even a dirty look to heart. Scenthounds descend from the Talbot Hound, the hunting dog used by nobles and kings a thousand years ago. Get your Coonhound accustomed to being brushed and examined when he's a puppy. The Black and Tan Coonhound’s moderate build allows a blend of strength, speed and agility. These breeds do best when a family member is home during the day or if you can take the dog to work. They've been bred to work on their own, and don't necessarily see why they should have to do things your way. You may also want to ask if your shelter or rescue has information about the physical health of your potential pup's parents and other relatives. Easy-to-train dogs are more adept at forming an association between a prompt (such as the word "sit"), an action (sitting), and a consequence (getting a treat) very quickly. This breed is square or slightly longer than tall, with moderate bone. Due to poor breeding practices, some breeds are prone to certain genetic health problems, such as hip dysplasia. Dogtime is a property of TotallyHer Media, LLC, an Evolve Media, LLC company. Do you have neighbors nearby? But he's equally satisfied with a good daily walk, especially if there's plenty of sniffing time built in. The Black and Tan Coonhound was the original First Dog — George Washington had several of these puppies. He can be headstrong and likes to have his own way, but with firm, consistent, patient training the Black and Tan Coonhound is a well-mannered companion, albeit one who's slow to mature. If you're a neatnik, you'll need to either pick a low-shedding breed or relax your standards. Black and Tan Coonhounds will require a moderate amount of daily exercise, which could be playing outside in the yard or a long, brisk walk. If you're going to share your home with a dog, you'll need to deal with some level of dog hair on your clothes and in your house. Males stand 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder, females 23 to 25 inches. Black & tan coonhounds came into our lives in 2014 when Antonio imported the first three into the UK, 2 from Finland and 1 from the USA with the aim of establishing this amazing breed in the UK in the hope of gaining Kennel Club recognition. Despite his fine qualities, the Coonhound has never made the leap to popular companion dog, something for which his fans are probably grateful. The black and tan coonhound is responsive, intelligent, loyal and passionate about his work. Note: An underground electronic fencing isn't strong enough to contain him. Some breeds are independent and aloof, even if they've been raised by the same person since puppyhood; others bond closely to one person and are indifferent to everyone else; and some shower the whole family with affection. And many hounds simply must follow their noses--or that bunny that just ran across the path--even if it means leaving you behind. A vigorous dog may or may not have high energy, but everything they do, they do with vigor: they strain on the leash (until you train them not to), try to plow through obstacles, and even eats and drinks with great big gulps. The Black and Tan Coonhound is very easy going and a lovable creature that loves being with his owner and loved ones. Black and Tan Coonhounds can also be used to hunt other types of game, as this breed excels at any type of scent hunting. Keep your Coonhound in good shape by measuring his food and feeding him twice a day rather than leaving food out all the time. Many health problems are related to digestion and issues in the gut. Some breeds do fine with a slow evening stroll around the block. As in humans, being overweight can cause health problems in dogs. Breed isn't the only factor that goes into affection levels; dogs who were raised inside a home with people around feel more comfortable with humans and bond more easily. He is one of several Coonhound varieties and is distinguished by his black and tan markings. The Coonhound’s long ears may help stir up ground scents, and the deep muzzle allows room for olfactory apparatus. The puppies will be wormed,fleed, have 1st vaccinations, mir Once he has decided to follow one you'll have a very hard time calling him off — this dog needs to be leashed! Dogs who lived with their littermates and mother until at least six to eight weeks of age and who spent lots of time playing with other dogs during puppyhood, are more likely to have good canine social skills. saving coonhounds and bloodhounds across america The Black and Tan Coonhound is gentle and tolerant with children, but it may be too independent to satisfy a playful child. Nose to the ground, he singlemindedly trails his prey, primarily the raccoon but also mountain lions, bears, deer, and other game, "barking up" when his quarry is treed. Anything whizzing by, such as cats, squirrels, and perhaps even cars, can trigger that instinct. It was bred to ‘tree’ (track through the treetops) bears and raccoons over rugged terrain in the Appalachian and Ozark mountain ranges. clarence Hips 10/11. DogTime recommends this dog bed to give a good night’s sleep to your medium-sized Black and Tan Coonhound. Nordic dogs such as Siberian Huskies were bred to range long distances, and given the chance, they'll take off after anything that catches their interest. Being quiet, low energy, fairly calm indoors, and polite with the other residents are all good qualities in an apartment dog. The Black and Tan Coonhound is a trail and tree hound – that is, a scent hound developed to hunt racoon (hence the derivative in the breed’s name). The largest of the six coonhound breeds, Black and Tans range in weight from 75 to 100 pounds. He needs lots human companionship and training. A fence keeps your Black and Tan Coonhound safely at home. When choosing a breed, think about how often the dog vocalizes with barks or howls. Other dogs need more time, patience, and repetition during training. Black and Tan Coonhounds are patient and tolerant with children. These dynamos need lots of training to learn good manners, and may not be the best fit for a home with young kids or someone who's elderly or frail. He was bred to tree raccoons and possums, but he's more than capable of running bigger game. Never buy a Black and Tan Coonhound from a puppy broker or pet store. If you've got a laid-back attitude toward slobber, fine; but if you're a neatnik, you may want to choose a dog who rates low in the drool department. Breeds with very short coats and little or no undercoat or body fat, such as Greyhounds, are vulnerable to the cold. By 1921, Black and Tans made up nearly half of all RIC constables in County Tipperary, for example. On the plus side, they generally housetrain quickly. If you pick a breed that's prone to packing on pounds, you'll need to limit treats, make sure they get enough exercise, and measure out their daily food servings into regular meals rather than leaving food out all the time. Some breeds have hearty appetites and tend to put on weight easily. Nor is this a breed for the houseproud. And "ask" is the operative word. Early American colonial settlers valued the Black and Tan Coonhound's ability to track a “cold” scent or the trail of a long-gone animal. Many breeds are intelligent but approach training with a "What's in it for me?" You may also want to consider adopting a senior dog, as they tend to be less demanding of your time and energy. Dogs with a low cold tolerance need to live inside in cool climates and should have a jacket or sweater for chilly walks. Along with i… Contrary to popular belief, small size doesn't necessarily an apartment dog make. The Black and Tan Coonhound is descended from the Talbot Hound, found in medieval England after the 11th century. You can keep your senior dog active well into old age by providing them with joint supplements to fight the symptoms of arthritis. The first Black and Tan Coonhound registered by the AKC was Grand Mere Big Rock Molly. Other Coonhounds end up in rescue because their owners have divorced or died. Being a pack dog, the Black and Tan Coonhound is among the few breeds who can adjust to kennel life and even live outdoors — if it's not too cold, he's with another social dog, and he's given warm, dry shelter. Bathe as needed. It is reserved with strangers and in their presence may bay and howl. How much your adult dog eats depends on his size, age, build, metabolism, and activity level. Other grooming needs include dental hygiene and nail care. Personality Traits of the Black and Tan Coonhound. They can track their prey for miles and if they have a … In Black and Tan Coonhounds, you should expect to see health clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hip dysplasia (with a score of fair or better) and from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF) certifying that eyes are normal. Although a playful pup sounds endearing, consider how many games of fetch or tag you want to play each day, and whether you have kids or other dogs who can stand in as playmates for the dog. Mouthy breeds tend to really enjoy a game of fetch, as well as a good chew on a toy that's been stuffed with kibble and treats.

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