Improtant Information to SPAI Members


  1. After Enrolment, Member of the SPAI allots Membership ID with enrolment Card.
  2. Member of the Association can take subject related Information & interact with Expert in larger interest and benefited with critical Human Safety Issues, Legal Solution of Supreme Court directives & Compliance of Statutory guidelines .
  3. Safety & Fire Equipment Manufactures can take advantages for linking with our Safety Professionals through this Platform.
  4. SPAI Members of Schools, Organisation, Institution, Corporate, Hotels, Hospitals, Industries, Construction Sectors as well as agencies can be benefited with our Specialist for statutory compliance of Legal Provision related with Human Safety, Training, Safety audit, Fire Safety Audit, Environment Protection and Emergency Evacuation & preparedness Plan with financial beneficial manner.
  5. Girls Students, Women and underprivileged Persons can take our Save life Mission, training & counseling services free of Cost with proper procedure.
  6. Members of the platform may take benefit for 4 Set of Monthly International repute Fire & Safety magazines, Participation in Seminar, Workshops, and Conference with subsidized root.
  7. Members can talk on Help line for any query related with Life Safety Subject.
  8. Any Donation, Monetary assistance for the Saving Human Life & Capacity Building Training, Education in Fire Safety, Emergency threat,  Road Safety, Domestic Safety, Security Threat  , Safety campaign , promotional activities to Poor Schools going Children ,  Institution, RWA Society , Under privileged Society  , Women Self Help Group, Women welfare Society be accepted in larger National Interest.
  9. SPAI issued Membership as well as Noble Cause Assistance Fee receipt in this regard for confirmation.