Seeing the alarming death toll figures, Human Life Safety now a day’s becoming crucial issues. Our mechanism is technically not sufficient to deal any sought of Emergency. Reason behind gross dereliction of duty in Legal Enforcement, Accountability, Poor Mindset, inadequate Proper Information. Every day we are facing various types of disaster threats, result heavy loss of Life and assets. Manmade disasters are attributable to conditions resulting from human conduct such as grossly negligent acts, gross inaction or serious errors.

Indian Schools, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Hazardous Industries, Construction Industries and other vulnerable public places even not respecting Supreme Court directives as well as Govt. of India legal provision and compromising with safety measures and hence situations are worsen day by day. Ground reality of Disaster Mgt Planning & Preparedness in districts are Zero and Courts directives as well as Govt. of India Consultative Papers on Man Made Disasters became mockery.

Man-Made Disaster and Safety failure like Road Accidents, Fire Incidences, Chemical Emergency, Industrial disaster, Terrorist Attack, Bomb Blast are key threats of the community and we are totally depends on the unpreparared Government Machinery.  On behalf of National President of SPAI, raises under mentioned key issues through this platform in large interest of the Nation under “Surakshit Bharat Mission” and appealing professionals, Corporate, Organisations, Industries, Trade Unions, NGOs to associate with this platform on the critical issues :-

  • The Acts & Rules related to Safety, Health, Environment, Fire & Welfare are not sufficient for saving Human lives & Environment Protection.
  • The irreversible or unrecoverable losses due to accident are Human life losses in tune of 3 to 5 lakhs per year and financial losses in tune of 5 to 7% of GDP.
  • The accountability is a key factor in the enforcement of laws for prevention and control of man-made disasters. The principle of accountability applies both to officials as well as those in charge of management or entrusted with the duties connected with prevention and safety.
  • There is no reason why gross dereliction of duties on the part of the officials and casual and careless manner of performance of duties should not attract penal provisions.
  • Indian Penal Code: The punishment prescribed by Section 304-A for causing death by a rash or negligent act is only two years or fine or both. Even if the rash and negligent act is of such a magnitude that it results in mass deaths, the maximum punishment is only two years. Section 304(Culpable homicide not amounting to murder) to pave the way for higher sentencing, viz., imprisonment upto 10 years.
  • The only way to implement the Hon’ble Supreme Court directives, Acts & rules is Enforcement, Penalties & Prosecution & auditing.
  • The research in this field would lead to maintain good pace between safety & fast developing technology.
  • The national & state bodies which are only draining out our Public tax money and giving no fruitful results for betterment of conditions should abolished.
  • Compromising to issue Safety certificate by unprofessional are root causes should be immediately checked.
  • The entire functionaries are corrupt and become defanged.
  • Promotion of safety culture, strengthening and activating the official machinery coupled with effective penal provisions or other sanctions to check violations are the need of the day. A continuous and integrated effort is necessary to demonstrate that the Governmental agencies are not prepared to compromise with safety norms and requirements.
  • The acts & rules related to safety, fire, environment & welfare to be merged & common law to be made targeting to save human lives, better condition & stop unrecoverable losses.