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The existing Food Safety Standard Legislation is Public Health Regulation as well as meant for the benevolence of Consumers welfare, as it is an established fact that health is basic right of Social Well being. It is our Constitutional obligation related to health, life, living status, life style, etc. as in accordance with stated provisions laid down under article 21, article 47 and article 51 of constitution of India side by side the concepts of Health & Life elaborated in the National Youth Policy 2014 and the National Health Policy 2017.

SPAI is cornerstone in the light of Food Safety & its quality

It is well concerned that Non Communicable Diseases (NCD), Obsessive Compulsory Disorders (OCD), Panic Attacks Disorders, etc. have close association with unsafe & unhealthy Foods, so why the role of SPAI is cornerstone in the light of Food Safety & its quality.

We are happy to know that FSSAI has designed and launched various projects & programs like VHOG, DHOOP for vitamin D, Nutritious Food through Mid-day meal, hygienic & sanitary conditions for the Street Vendors, etc.

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